Real estate branding: digital advertising for the big picture

AMC's Man Man television show
AMC’S “Mad Men”

There is no doubt that the way we advertise has evolved over the years. In the “Mad Men” days of advertising, hot shot ad execs pitched print campaigns with compelling copy and creative, all with the sole mission of establishing brand awareness and making consumers purchase. Now, advertisers have adapted to the times.

Although the methods of delivery have changed from magazines and televisions to mobile devices and computers, the classic strategies still apply—   developing your brand and connecting to your audience in a way that inspires them to convert.

Utilizing retargeting and display advertising to drive brand awareness is one of the most effective ways to develop your brand today. It may be easy to brush this off as something that is reserved for big brands with big budgets, but it has recently become a viable option for small business owners and entrepreneurs such as real estate agents and brokers. When done right, using this type of online advertising is the perfect way to build your brand and supercharge your lead capture efforts down the funnel.

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Driving Awareness

“Retargeting adds what we call a ‘brand scaling’ effect. When a small brand is able to serve ads on premium sites like YouTube and Yahoo! specifically to the people they care about, they gain a level of legitimacy.”

— Arjun Dev Arora, CEO of ReTargeter

According to a recent study conducted by ComScore, retargeting increases site visits by over 746%. This increase in traffic puts buyers and sellers in your funnel and retargeting ads can help close the loop by causing repeat visits, moving potential clients closer to hiring you.

Percent Lift in Site Visitation within Four Weeks of Ad Exposure

Fig. 1

Additionally, retargeted display ads boost your awareness online. This ReTargeter article reports that retargeted ads caused a 1046% increase in people searching for that brand, “a clear sign of heightened brand awareness and recall.”

The Long Term Benefits of Online Advertising

“The goal of a branding campaign isn’t to drive a sale today, but to create awareness about a specific trait, style, or need that your brand meets – in turn driving long term customer loyalty.”

— Lori Weiman, “Top 5 Ways to Use Search for Branding”

Online marketing authority SEOmoz says brand advertising is “most effective when [consumers] see your ad 7-10 times.” Advertisers have known this for over a century. Although the technology and channels have changed, the benefits of brand marketing have remained the same.

This is not news to real estate agents and brokers. Consider the classic tools of the trade: yard signs, mailers, billboards, and newspaper ads. A recent NAR study reinforces the importance of brand marketing in real estate, finding that “buyers spend an average of two weeks researching online before picking an agent.”

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Retargeted display advertising is a smarter, modern way of getting recognized and being the agent to call when prospects are ready. In a market where 70% of buyers and sellers hire the first agent they interview, online branding has never been more important. 

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