Real estate agent Shannon Rose finds success outside her comfort zone

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The beauty of personality tests is that you can identify your strengths and play to them. Unless you’re real estate agent Shannon Rose of The Rose Group in Cupertino, California. Then you go in the opposite direction.

“I would be the perfect admin,” Shannon admitted, when looking at the results of her DISC profile. “I am not direct and I don’t go for the close. I follow the rules. I’m a list maker and I like to check things off that list.”

Well, becoming a top agent and trusted coach must have been on that list, because Shannon can check those off. But it took hard work and tough decisions. The first challenge? Defining her brand.

“In the beginning, my brand was just me. I didn’t even know what a brand was. I knew I liked to help people and that was a strength I had. Plus I like being honest and open and figuring out what my client’s needs are.” This focus on her client needs is the crux of the brand today, what Shannon calls ‘Nordstrom-level service.’ And it’s the litmus she uses with all her teammates, asking them to look at each activity and evaluate, “How does this help my client?”

Shannon Rose Real Estate

Speaking of teammates, how did Shannon build such a powerhouse team? Shannon’s colleague, Dan “Sully” Sullivan, shared the evolution of their process.

“We’ve learned to hire for talent, not a specific position. If we come across someone who is really good and you can tell they’d be a kicka** team member, we’ll find a role for them!”

This kind of laser focus applies to how Shannon and team nurture their network. With a strong referral business, the team’s sphere of influence is their primary business driver. And they treat it accordingly.

“We run a model,” Shannon described. “We make it a priority to communicate with all of our friends, past clients and co-workers on a very regular basis. With postcards, personal phone calls, appreciation parties, we ‘touch’ these people well over 30 times a year.”

And each activity is carefully measured and evaluated. “Over time, we have studied the trends of what works, and we hold ourselves accountable. We look at the time and conversion trend, we pull plugs or add money.”

So, here’s a question. Why is Shannon so open about what she’s doing behind the scenes? It all comes back to that DISC profile.

“I’m an educator and a nurturer,” she shared. And those attributes are what made Shannon a powerful real estate coach and are driving her to do even more. “One of my goals is to be on stage more, to challenge my ‘I.’ [Which stands for Influence.] I don’t love that idea, but have to do it to make sure I’m pushing myself, growing as an agent and a business owner.”

Well, it’s on her list now. So chances are very good Shannon Rose will get that accomplished!

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