Real estate agent branding: 3 secrets plus one innovative new tool

real estate agent branding

Introducing AdWerx Promote Your Brand.  “Always on” marketing that promotes your brand online 24×7 while you sleep.

Real estate agent branding is an often overlooked subject in the real estate technology and marketing sphere.  But earlier this year, Inman News contributor Katie Lance wrote a great piece that walks through the 3 key elements for great real estate branding .

Using the Girl Scouts as an example (who can resist talking about the venerable brand that brought us Thin Mints?!), she laid out the following principles for executing brand strategies:

1.  Be consistent in your brand messaging.

Consistency breeds trust and we all like to do business with those that we trust.  In fact, in a recent NAR study, trust was among the important factors in deciding to work with an agent.

2.  Your strategy must be adaptable and embrace technology.

More than ever, consumers are using the Internet to search for properties before making contact with a real estate agent.  You need to be everywhere buyers and sellers are…not just on Zillow, Trulia and  78% of searchers go to 3+ sites during the real estate search process.

3.  Don’t throw away traditional branding strategies that work for you.

If offline marketing works for you, continue it as an element of your overall marketing plan.  Make sure that you think of traditional approaches as part of your 360 marketing strategy to be everywhere that your prospective client might be.

Enter AdWerx — An innovative approach to real estate branding tailor-made for today’s digital world

Inspired by all three of the principles above, the team at AdWerx just released a tool  specifically geared to branding — Promote Your Brand. In a couple of clicks this drop-dead simple ad builder creates a customized online campaign and targets prospects all across the web.  Here’s what AdWerx can do for you:

1. Strengthen your brand…customizable ads bring consistency to your online presence.

  • Start with our professionally designed templates
  • Customize with your photo, logo, contact information and colors
  • Add your tagline or key differentiator

2. Find people anywhere they go online…we’ll make you look like a tech guru!

  • Advertise beyond the big three – Zillow, Trulia and
  • Reach buyers & sellers away from the clutter of competitors.
  • “Follow” prospects as they browse online through AdWerx advanced technology.

3. Engage a local audience…just like you’re used to with traditional branding strategies.

  • Target up to five zip codes.
  • Promote your brand in your current territory.
  • Expand your business into new areas.

That’s enough talk! Why not give Promote Your Brand a try on us?

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