Real estate advertising ideas to steal from Madison Avenue

Big budget ad campaign ideas for real estate agents

ad ideas for real estate agents

The five-season AMC series Mad Men provided viewers with a fascinating look at the world of big-brand advertising and we thought those ideas could help with real estate advertising.

And while it certainly amped up the dramatized fiction, there was a lot of truth in what the show depicted.

Namely, that advertising is often correctly characterized as a haven for strategic, creatively-minded executives. They spend as much time generating ideas on how to beat their competitors as they do building brands for their customers.

There’s big money in imagination, and the natives of Madison Avenue are always ready to prove it.

Since most real estate agents can’t afford to leverage the same minds that are trusted with $3 million Super Bowl spots, Adwerx took a look at some of the most effective ad campaigns of the last year to examine how our customers may be able to capture a little of that “Mad Men” magic when using our digital real estate advertising products.

You Can Still Hear Me Now

Sprint was praised by the industry for capturing ex-Verizon pitchman, “Paul,” who made “Can you hear me now?” into the universal mantra for determining the reach of our mobile networks.

Real estate offices and teams can mimic this brilliant campaign by showcasing new agents who have come to their teams from other major brands or local offices. Use headlines like, “See Why Joan Miller Decided To Join The Smith Team!” or “Top Producers Are Moving To The Downtown Team. Click To Learn Why.”

Your landing pages should go on to introduce the agent. Perhaps use a short video in which the new agent explains why she or he defected.

Recruit Over Your Competitors

Financial giant J.P. Morgan Chase launched an incentive for its Sapphire Reserve credit card in which it gave new customers 100,000 points when approved. That’s almost twice the industry average incentive. The campaign surpassed Chase’s annual new-account goal in two weeks.

Digital ads are a great way for brokerages to attract new agent talent. What can you do above and beyond your competitors to earn the best agents’ interest? Can you offer six months of greater commission splits? A year of no desk fees?

Get Nuts

Snack food giant Snyder-Lance used a two-word customer review, “yes good,” to refresh the tagline of its Emerald Nuts brand. There is celebration by creatives around the industry about this move. The company is even replacing all of its online product descriptions with customer reviews.

Agents should consider running real estate advertising with only customer testimonials. Agents can also run ads of positive reviews that read in full after a viewer clicks to a landing page. There is no better testament to your talent than a satisfied home-owner.

When deciding to advertise digitally and leverage retargeting technology, like what’s offered by Adwerx, you’re choosing to enter a world of competition.

Like the Don Drapers of the world, real estate agents need to be aggressive and different, but also professional and approachable. These can be tough standards to meet, and it’ll take time.  

Keep in mind that your marketing message doesn’t have to define you, but it should at least encapsulate the promise you’re offering customers.


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