Q&A: creating effective video for real estate

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If you know anything about AdWerx, you know that we’re founded on the fact that 66% of buyers only interview one real estate agent. We believe it is absolutely vital for agents to get their faces out there, build awareness, and stay top of mind in their local area in order to be successful. Another interesting real estate fact we’ve discovered is that around 70% of clients will forget your name after you’ve helped them buy or sell their house.  It’s almost hard to believe.

Worry not, agents! There is a solution for your clients’ short-term memory loss. Video marketing not only helps you stay top of mind, it also keeps you relevant and competitive in this visual world. Currently, video makes up 50% of all online activity. Having a social media presence, a website, and a blog are all great ways of reaching clients and prospects, but if you’re just distributing written content, you’re not going to see as much engagement. Video helps get your face out to the public, making you seem more approachable and helping build relationships before your first meeting. According to his interview with Stephen Schweickart, CEO of VScreen, “If the videos you have are truly helpful, they will increase repeat visits to your site, blog or social network…Having searchable videos hosted on sites like YouTube will [also] help your Google rankings.” Adding videos to your content makes it way more likely for you to rank in the first page of Google search results.

We decided to compile some pointers on creating video for real estate to make your life a little bit easier. We spoke to accomplished freelance videographer, who we’ve used for our own marketing, Mike Stipe, and he gave us some really great tips to help you succeed.

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Q&A with Mike Stipe

Q. What benefits can video offer to real estate agents that go beyond their website, social media and other online branding?

A. Videos can add a personal touch to a house. Including an interview with the owner or a story about the house can add much more life and dimension to it. I think it is really great for more expensive listings where you have the marketing budget for it.

Q. Do you think video is better for real estate agents than other types of online content?

A. I think video can be a really good compliment. It can be easier for buyers to digest instead of reading home facts and listings (still very important obviously, but I think video has the capability of drawing more interest and leading interested buyers to dig further.)

Q. Where are some of the best places to put video content online?

A. I would put it above the fold on any page–if the house has a site for just that listing, it would be smart to have a video front and center. Creating a media library on your own site or developing a YouTube channel would be a good place, too.

Q. Do you have any tips for real estate agents when it comes to finding and working with a video producer?

A. Tough question. Make sure you look at their previous video work. If you have a photographer you work with for house photos, there’s a good chance they know a videographer. Check with them to see if they have recommendations. Some photographers may even be able to create the video themselves.

Q. Any final comments?

A. Yes. Even doing a slideshow type video with a voiceover talking about the house could be a simple and inexpensive yet effective use of video.

If you’re marketing budget is not extensive enough to hire a professional producer, there is a great tool out there for Real Estate Agents that makes creating a quality video simple and inexpensive. Market Videos was made specifically for agents, and gives your videos the professional look without the price. Remember, you want your videos to be relevant, informative, and well-made. Having a cheap, cheesy, or unprofessional looking video can hurt your marketing efforts. Be careful, though. Spending tons of money on a marketing film doesn’t always guarantee a an awesome return on investment.

Agents, have any of you utilized video in your marketing efforts? If so, is there anything we left out? Do you have any questions about the things we covered? Ask us in the comments, and we’ll be sure to get an answer to you right away!

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