The 3 digital ads you need for real estate — and why

Reading time: about 3 minsMost agents have embraced the fact that digital advertising matters. But digital advertising can seem like a black box. What kind of ads work best? Who will see your ads? What should your ads say? We’ve outlined three kinds of digital ads, who they are for and how you use them.      1. Digitals […] Read more

Digital marketing checklist for new real estate listings

New listing digital marketing checklist

Reading time: about 1 minsNew listings are an exciting time for real estate agents, but it’s also a super busy time. Agents tell us that it’s almost too easy to leave out one or more of the small but critical steps when they have a new listing. From working with sellers to creating ads to managing an open house, […] Read more

Adwerx real estate landing page

Anatomy of a real estate landing page

Reading time: about 2 minsSo you’re using digital advertising for real estate. (And hopefully, you’re using Adwerx for your digital ads!) Your ad is helping you stay top of mind with people you are prospecting or the people you already know. But where are you sending those people that click on your ad? You should be sending them to […] Read more

Adwerx Luxury Portfolio Real Estate

Adwerx brings listing ads to Luxury Portfolio International® affiliates

Reading time: about 1 mins“Any agent who’s not doing online advertising right now is missing the boat,” said Stephanie Pfeffer Anton,  Executive Vice President, Luxury Portfolio International – ‎Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. And now affiliates in the Luxury Portfolio network can create digital ads for their listings right in the back end platform. These affiliates promote […] Read more

“Stop the random acts of Facebook! Be intentional for your real estate business.

Facebook Strategy for real estate with Katie Lance and Adwerx

Reading time: about 2 minsRecently, Adwerx CEO Jed Carlson was the lucky guest of social superstar Katie Lance for her webinar on Facebook advertising for real estate. In case you missed it, here is the replay. There was so much good information for agents who want to be savvy with their social efforts. For instance, the average adult has […] Read more

adwerx custom ads scott lehmann

PRO TIP: Do-it-yourself custom Adwerx ads

Reading time: about 1 minsThe Adwerx ad template lets real estate agents start advertising quickly. Whether for brand-focused ads by ZIP code or ads to an agent’s sphere of influence, the Adwerx template is simple to edit. For a more custom look, many agents hire an outside agency. We reviewed several sources for custom ads. However, agent Scott Lehmann of Sonoran […] Read more

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