Happy Holidays from Adwerx

Happy Holidays from Adwerx!

Reading time: about 1 minsCan a company wish you a happy holiday? Not really. But the people that make that company can. And we do. Adwerx is a small business — we have just about 50 people right now. But it’s no exaggeration to say that each and everyone wishes all our customers an amazing holiday and a prosperous […] Read more

WEBINAR: Branding for mortgage pros

Reading time: about 1 minsCoca-Cola. Nike. YOU. Yes, you are a brand just like these huge names. But how do you build your brand as a loan officer? How does your brand shape your mortgage business? And how can digital tools help? Adwerx will walk you through the development of a personal brand that you can carry throughout your […] Read more

Compliant digital ads for loan officers

What makes a compliant digital ad for loan officers?

Reading time: about 3 minsWhen mortgage professionals want to use digital ads, they have several things to consider: their branding, their messaging, and compliance. A marketing campaign, whether consisting of one or numerous advertisements and promotional opportunities, needs to be above board, avoiding potential UDAAP (Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices) and fair lending violations. “Nearly any kind […] Read more

networking for mortgage sphere

Market To Your Network for Mortgage Leads

Reading time: about 2 minsLoan officers need to network to get work. We already know how networking is the best tool in your mortgage business belt. But do you really know how to use it? The term “networking” has become a catch-all term for “getting business,” and that can be pretty overwhelming. Here, we’ll break down the basics to […] Read more

Sam DeBianchi and Nicole Beauchamp

SamSpeaks with Nicole Beauchamp

Reading time: about 1 minsNicole Beauchamp is a native New Yorker. And not just New York. She’s a true Manhattanite. And knowing Manhattan has become the cornerstone of her work as a real estate agent with Engel & Völkers USA. When Sam DeBianchi sat down to talk with Nikki, as her friends know her, for this episode of SamSpeaks!, […] Read more

Retargeting for real estate webinar replay

WEBINAR: Retargeting for real estate

Reading time: about 1 minsHave you ever shopped for something on a web site and then had that product follow you around the web and Facebook? It’s a tactic called retargeting and it’s powerfully effective. And it’s now something that real estate agents can do, too! This webinar is an information-packed session to help agents understand retargeting for real estate […] Read more

Social media for real estate

Social Media for Insurance Agents

Reading time: about 3 minsUse social media to build your insurance business You’ve mastered the art of engaging people in person, and you can spot a potential client from miles away. Your handshake is the stuff of legend, and people really take notice when you speak. Your website is sleek and user-friendly, and it’s bringing in a steady stream […] Read more

Get more mortgage referrals!

Reading time: about 3 minsMortgage referrals: too many are not enough Lead generation is constantly top of mind for loan officers and mortgage brokers. Turning prospects into clients is an elaborate chess game that you’re playing, even in your sleep. There is one queen piece in this game, however: referrals. Mortgage referrals are a near-magical combination of testimonial and […] Read more

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