Adwerx for real estate: top five frequenty asked questions about adwerx

Top 5 FAQs about Adwerx for real estate

Reading time: about 2 minsDigital marketing isn’t always easy. Especially when you aren’t a full-time, professional digital marketer. But in today’s real estate market, every agent like you has to be a digital marketer in some way or another, deciding how to use your blog, your Facebook page and your web site to help promote your business. Then there’s paid advertising. […] Read more

How does retargeting for real estate marketing work?

Reading time: about 2 minsImagine you’re thinking about a new car. You wander a dealer’s lot and a certain little red convertible catches your eye. You kick the tires, open the trunk and even sit in the driver’s seat. But you’re not quite ready to buy, so you leave. Later that day, you see that same red convertible in your parking lot […] Read more

Adwerx post on basics of building your brand for real estate agents

Brand building basics for real estate agents

Reading time: about 3 minsIn the world of marketing lingo, a brand is one of the more mystical concepts. It’s a term often used, but not often used consistently. What is a “brand,” anyway? A “brand name” refers to the name signifying the source of a product or service. Coca-Cola. Ford. Starbucks. These are often trademarked. But a “brand” […] Read more

How do you measure brand awareness for real estate?

Reading time: about 2 minsBrands are a big deal here at Adwerx. It’s a hot topic around the water cooler, the coffee maker and the ping pong table. Brands, brands, brands… we believe your brand is one of your most important marketing assets. Just having a brand is a great thing. But creating brand awareness is another. (For more […] Read more

Facebook personal vs. Facebook business: which should you use?

Reading time: about 3 mins

Many real estate agents have used Facebook Profiles when they should be using Facebook Pages instead. Read on to learn what the difference is and why we prefer Facebook Pages for realtors.

But first, what’s the difference between Facebook Profiles and Pages?

The first thing you need to know is that you can’t have a Facebook Page without having a Profile first. When you sign up for Facebook, you create a personal profile and add your family and friends to your network. We repeat: that’s where your family and friends are going to be; therefore, it is not the appropriate place to talk about business stuff like new listings or how many houses you’ve sold this month.

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Laurie Weston Davis of The Geeky Girls talks about mobile advertising for real estate on the Adwerx for real estate blog

Going mobile with Laurie Weston Davis of The Geeky Girls [Video]

Reading time: about 1 mins“How is this mobile revolution affecting all of us in real estate?” asks Laurie Weston Davis, who calls herself both a digital immigrant and a Geeky Girl. Technology is a critical part of her world as a real estate agent and broker in North Carolina. And Laurie spoke with Adwerx about mobile advertising and real estate. Read more

Adwerx blog image on the psychology of brand colors and color thearoy

The inside story of a brand redesign (part 2 of 3)

Reading time: about 1 minsAnd now for something completely different. A Monty Python reference. What is your favorite color? Okay, that might have been a tad indulgent. With the Adwerx brand refresh process (read part one of the series here), it wasn’t so much about asking our favorite color as much discovering what color we felt best represented our […] Read more