Public Relations for Real Estate

3 tips to use public relations for real estate

What does public relations for real estate look like? It’s when an agent is quoted as an expert on the local housing market for a newspaper. Or an agent writes an editorial for a financial news section on why renters should consider buying. Or a local news station covers a fundraiser hosted by a real […] Read more

adwerx generating real estate leads

Generating Real Estate Leads

Look up any article on generating real estate leads, and chances are you will see something along the lines of, “The market is changing.” As a real estate agent, you know the market is constantly in a state of flux, and you have to be agile enough to keep pace with the changes. One solid way […] Read more

CBx Adwerx coldwell banker

CBx + Adwerx = power tools for real estate agents

As if you needed an excuse to get an iPad, the Coldwell Banker app CBx might just be it. The Coldwell Banker app empowers agents to create a demographic makeup of potential home buyers by attributes such as age, education, family size and average household income, as well as from where these potential home buyers […] Read more

Get leads to chase you with relola real estate

Relola wants to make real estate leads chase YOU

Quick question: how many houses have you seen this month? Now imagine if you had written a blog post about each house. First of all, that would be a lot of great content. And second, who has the time to do that? Heather Sittig Jackson can help with both of those. She’s the Co-founder and […] Read more

GiveBack Homes and Adwerx partnership

Adwerx partners with Giveback Homes

Blake Andrews, the Founder of GiveBack Homes, had a lightbulb moment during his own house hunt about three years ago. He thought of families who couldn’t afford a home and decided to create a real estate business that would help improve lives. “What if we built a community of real estate professionals who want to […] Read more

Chris Craft on personal branding for real estate

In his blog post, Let It Shine: Why Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents Matters, Chris Craft of Nao Media explains how real estate agents can go beyond putting their name on a business card. It’s all about being true to YOU. Let it Shine A true brand is natural and not fabricated. A brand is […] Read more

Laurie Weston Davis

Is REALTOR® on your birth certificate?

Are you using “REALTOR®” as part of your name on your Facebook personal profile? Did your mom and dad know you were going to grow up to be a REALTOR® and help you out by making it your middle name on your birth certificate? Did they say, “Oh, he looks just like his grandfather, Harry […] Read more