AdWerx for Real Estate on how real estate agents can use video for marketing

Real estate video marketing

Reading time: about 4 minsAt Inman’s Real Estate Connect this past January, John Passerini, the VP Interactive Marketing for Sotheby’s International Realty, made a bold statement for 2015: video would be an absolute necessity for real estate agents. “Consumers are ready to consume video,” he said. “People want stories complemented with video content.” This is great news for real […] Read more

Adwerx is not lead generation

Reading time: about 2 minsWhen we talk to our customers — real estate agents just like you — it’s only a matter of time before we get the question, “Is Adwerx for lead generation?” It’s a very reasonable question, but in a word, no. Adwerx is not a lead generation platform. Here’s why. If you do a Google search […] Read more

An introduction to PPC for real estate

Reading time: about 2 minsBuzzword bingo continues here on the AdWerx blog with our latest entry in the digital marketing lexicon: PPC for real estate agents. In this case, PPC is not a hallucinogenic. It’s an acronym that stands for Pay Per Click advertising. Here’s how PPC works: a user types in a search on Google. That search contains […] Read more

An intro to SEO for your real estate web site

Reading time: about 3 minsBuzzwords abound in the world of web design and digital marketing. And chances are, if you’ve talked to even one person who has anything to do with “digital”, you’ve heard the acronym “SEO.” SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s a pretty integral part of any digital marketing strategy, particularly for real estate agents. […] Read more

5 tips for a better landing page

Reading time: about 2 minsHave you ever walked into a house and thought, “Whoa, that’s not what I expected.” That is exactly how your web visitors feel if they click on a link or an ad and end up on a landing page that doesn’t quite match their expectation. Let’s take a step back. What is a landing page? […] Read more

Marketing in a digital world [Video]

Reading time: about 1 minsDenise Brewer, TV personality turned real estate pro, shares her wisdom from decades of marketing experience. Learn how to build your brand online and what it takes to succeed in a digital world with these real estate marketing tips. Read more

Real estate agent: Anne Mahon speaks her mind

Reading time: about 3 minsAnne Mahon thinks she has the best job in the world. There’s no 401k. No employer health plan. And she works almost every weekend.  But she wouldn’t change a thing. Anne is a real estate agent, and she is taking the market in her hometown area of Belmont, Arlington, and Cambridge, Massachusetts by storm. A leader […] Read more

It’s housing comeback time: are you ready?

Reading time: about 2 mins

For real estate agents, the housing crisis and economic downturn that started seven years ago was not unlike a slow moving natural disaster — something agents had to ride out in order for their businesses to survive. But today, the economic signs are there. The ashes are clearing and the sun is coming out. It’s a new day for the residential real estate market in 2015.

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