adwerx return on objective for real estate

What’s your ROO (return on objective) for real estate advertising?

Reading time: about 1 minsFrom ROI to ROO for real estate Most real estate professionals approach digital advertising from an ROI perspective, focusing on their return on investment. But the ROO (Return On Objective) viewpoint is much more powerful.  ROO means answering questions such as: What is the true purpose of your marketing effort? What are the underlying marketing […] Read more

Stephanie Pfeffer Anton

Stephanie Pfeffer Anton: make sure you love what you do

Reading time: about 2 minsStephanie Pfeffer Anton learned a critical lesson last year. “I learned to look at my work/life balance to see if it work was running me, or if I was running it,” she said. “I learned to step back and have a more balanced approach.” That’s no small feat for someone whose career has spanned fifteen […] Read more

Adwerx Visual Marketing for Real Estate

Visual marketing for real estate with HouseLens

Reading time: about 2 minsCan you imagine a buyer closing on a house without ever seeing it? It happens. In a survey by Redfin and Mailchimp, 21% of respondents said they had purchased their home without ever setting foot in it. How’d they do that? Because they were able to visit the property virtually, using photos, video and 3D […] Read more

Adwerx real estate just listed digital advertising marketing automation

How to automate Just Listed ads for real estate agents

Reading time: about 2 minsAgents want one less thing to do! Listing automation can help. Steven David Elliot, an extremely busy agent in North Carolina, has a process. Everytime he lists a property, he implements a checklist to market the home. And digital ads are part of his list. “I tell my clients that I can advertise their homes […] Read more

Write your best real estate headlines

Write your best real estate headlines

Reading time: about 2 minsReal estate headlines have serious lifting to do. They have to break through a lot of noise online and in print. But it’s not about using all caps or exclamation marks. Real estate headlines need to grab readers by “the feels,” as they say. And this story attributed to French poet Jacques Prévert demonstrates the […] Read more

Nicole Beauchamp New York City Real Estate Agent

The personal brand of Nicole Beauchamp: I’m here for you

Reading time: about 3 minsBelieve it or not, there aren’t that many born and bred Manhattanites in the Big Apple. But Nicole Beauchamp is one of them. And that is what makes her a such valuable resource for all things New York City. What restaurants are hot? Who has a trustworthy dog walker? What clubs have the best jazz? […] Read more

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Adwerx Case Study: Patrick Ryan of Related Realty

Reading time: about 1 minsIndustry: Real Estate Products: Sphere Ads Customer Name:  Patrick Ryan Brokerage/Business Name:  Related Realty, Chicago “It’s one of the only advertising tools I’ve ever used where people reach out me.” Patrick Ryan had a hammer in his hand, but digital ads were on his mind. As senior vice president and managing broker at Related Realty in Chicago, these […] Read more

Women in real estate video interviews Pam O'Connor

Women in real estate leadership [VIDEO]

Reading time: about 1 minsBoth men and women are real estate agents. But for the moment, we’re going to focus on women in this industry. Women have worked in real estate almost since its inception in 1794 and its establishment as a legitimate business in the 1840s. Today, 58% of all REALTORS® are female. To get even more specific, […] Read more