Adwerx for mortgage lenders to build brand online

How you can build your mortgage brand online

Reading time: about 2 minsWith brilliantly simple digital ads, lenders can reach local borrowers and local real estate agents online Mortgage professionals are consistently faced with the challenge of filling sales pipelines. You want to find people who need a new mortgage, so you cultivate relationships with real estate agents. Or you want to find people looking to refinance their […] Read more

Branding for mortgage lenders - who are you?

Why does branding matter for mortgage lenders?

Reading time: about 3 minsWhen mortgage consumers think of a brand, they probably think of a large bank. These are powerhouse brands, true enough. But a “brand” in a more esoteric sense refers to the perception that consumers have about that company and therefore the product. As an independent loan officer, the loan might be the product, but YOU are […] Read more

Real Estate Flyers with Canva

Create real estate flyers and digital ads with Canva

Reading time: about 2 minsDo you want to design your own real estate flyers? Do you create your own digital ads for real estate? Then you absolutely need to know about Canva. Canva gives you access to premium high-quality images and professional-looking, pre-made real estate flyer and digital ad layouts. And you do not have to be a graphic […] Read more

generate mortgage leads

Generating mortgage leads

Reading time: about 2 minsWhere do your mortgage leads come from? Let’s look at the numbers. According to the Consumer Finance Profile of 2013 Mortgage Borrowers, 38.8% of mortgages were for home purchases while 61% were for refinancing existing homes. So that means there are two sources for mortgage business: real estate agents who are working with new home buyers […] Read more

5 digital marketing hacks real estate professionals chris craft

The Top 5 Digital Marketing Hacks for Real Estate Professionals

Reading time: about 3 minsReal estate professionals must embrace savvy digital marketing strategies in our hyper-connected world. Within these strategies are specific tactics that can transform your marketing from the mundane to the magnificent. There’s value in postcards, calendars, and business cards but digital marketing is the best way for real estate professionals to leverage their money and time. Allow […] Read more

Adwerx recruiting for brokers real estate

New real estate recruiting and retention tool for brokers

Reading time: about 2 minsWhat would you do if a thousand people asked you for the same thing? That’s what happened to us here at Adwerx. Nearly a thousand real estate brokers asked us for help with a specific part of their business: recruiting and retention. It wasn’t surprising once we looked at the data. According to NAR’s 2016 report, […] Read more

Facebook live for real estate katie lance

Katie Lance on using Facebook Live for real estate

Reading time: about 3 minsHere at Adwerx, we recently did our very first Facebook Live posts with Samantha DeBianchi and real estate luminaries such as Leigh Brown and Laurie Weston Davis. It was incredibly exciting and the engagement we saw was both surprising and encouraging. And it wasn’t as hard as we thought! How did we do it? Simple. We asked […] Read more

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