Dusty Baker SamSpeaks! Sam DeBianchi

SamSpeaks! with Dusty Baker

Reading time: about 1 minsReal estate agent Dusty Baker’s English teachers would laugh if they knew how much writing helps him build his business. As he confessed to Sam DeBianchi in Episode 4 of SamSpeaks!, he nearly flunked those classes in school. But the fact is, Dusty has used writing and his blog to build a strong online presence with […] Read more

Recruiting for real estate

WEBINAR: Recruiting for real estate with social media

Reading time: about 1 minsHow can you effectively use social media for recruiting for real estate and retaining the best agents? Recruiting and Retaining Using Social Media from Katie Lance on Vimeo. Katie Lance recently invited Adwerx to join her for a webinar that discussed how social media helps brokers and owners to soften the ground with the potential team […] Read more

Joe Rand SamSpeaks

SamSpeaks! with Joe Rand

Reading time: about 1 minsJoe Rand is a pragmatist. In a world where everyone, real estate agents included, seems to overshare on social media, he has a word of warning. “If it’s online, someone is going to find it,” he told Sam DeBianchi in Episode 3 of her series, SamSpeaks! “Even email can be seen by just about anybody down […] Read more

CJ Hays Agent Reputation

CJ Hays and 4 tips for blogging in real estate

Reading time: about 2 minsCJ Hays is a marketing emancipator for real estate agents. He wants to empower real estate agents with the right skills to build their own brand and how to use blogging for real estate. This post is republished from his post on Active Rain. I have a good friend who decided on a new career path […] Read more

Measure your insurance advertising

Trying to measure your insurance advertising? Agency Nation has an idea.

Reading time: about 2 minsWhile we’re new to the world of insurance advertising, the folks at and the Agency Nation blog are old hands. And in their post, The Least Expensive Way to Improve Agency Sales, author Marty Agather looks at the importance of understanding where your insurance business is coming from, and how your insurance advertising tactics are working. And […] Read more

SamSpeaks! Coaching Episode 1 Leigh Brown

SamSpeaks! with Leigh Brown

Reading time: about 1 minsIn the second installment of her new video and podcast series, SamSpeaks!, Sam DeBianchi talked with Leigh Brown. Leigh is a top producing agent in Charlotte, NC. She is the author of the book Outrageous Authenticity. And above all, she is not one to mince words. Neither is Sam, of course. So we knew we […] Read more

Adwerx Recruiting for Real Estate Get the most out of your team

How to get the most from your real estate team

Reading time: about 3 minsYou have a team of real estate agents that give you their all. How do you give them your all, too? Brokerages are built on your real estate team. The more effective each member, the more effective the team as a whole. The folks at Happy Grasshopper share our commitment to teamwork, and they have […] Read more for real estate advertising

Go short! Use for real estate digital ads

Reading time: about 2 minsReal estate agents can use the URL shortener to measure in digital. One thing about web links is this: they aren’t pretty. They’re often long and very complex-looking. And when real estate agents want to share links to their web site, listings or other digital content, it can be somewhat clunky. For example, the link […] Read more

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