Looking Ahead – Discover What Adwerx Has in Store in 2018

2017 was an incredible year at Adwerx, filled with new technologies and innovations. We’re excited and honored about the success we’ve had in 2017, and would love to thank those of you who came along for the ride! Let’s take a moment to bring you up to speed, and walk through the ways we’re working to deliver you an even better experience in 2018.

2017 Milestones

At Adwerx we have one mission: to make brilliantly simple digital ads that anyone can use. That mission came from a larger belief that every small business deserves the same type of tools that big businesses have. We were thrilled to be ranked #173 on the Inc. 500 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, and #83 on the Entrepreneur 360 list for the best entrepreneurial companies in America, reflecting our commitment to making this belief a reality.

The Launch of Adwerx Enterprise

During Summer 2017, @properties, the largest independent brokerage in Illinois partnered with Adwerx to launch a platform automating the online marketing of new listings without their agents or marketing staff lifting a finger, and Adwerx Enterprise was born.

The process couldn’t be simpler – ads run automatically whenever new listings are detected, and are displayed thousands of times to local prospects within a 15 mile radius of the listing location.

The results from the initial pilot test far exceeded our expectations:

  • 100% of agents with new listings advertised them online
  • 94.4% of seller clients were satisfied with their listing’s marketing
  • 81.3% of agents felt increased loyalty to their brokerage

Since the initial launch earlier this year, agents and brokers alike are realizing the power of automation, the opportunity that exists on the agent side to keep clients happy and win more referrals, and the benefit to the broker of retaining agent loyalty within their firm, all by providing this one technology.  

Scaling to Meet Demand in 2018

Building off the momentum generated in 2017, and with 2018 underway, we wanted to share a few exciting things we have in the works…

Increased Growth of Adwerx Enterprise

Brokers are fast recognizing the opportunity in Adwerx Enterprise, and understanding that providing this simple offering can set their firm apart from the competition. 2018 kicked off with the launch of new enterprise partners including  Hawaii Life and Century 21 Vangaurd. We are expecting to close the deal on several new partnerships over the next few months, and encourage brokers interested in automating client and agent satisfaction to book a demo with our team.

Education Solutions and Office Demos

So far, what you’ve learned about the Adwerx Enterprise solution sounds pretty cool, right? But even the simplest of technologies can seem intimidating in the beginning. As an additional service to our Enterprise partners, Adwerx recently launched a team of in house experts to provide on-site and remote office training.  This is designed to help agents understand exactly who Adwerx is and what the Enterprise service is providing for them.  Agents will have an opportunity to learn first hand how to leverage Adwerx for maximum impact.

Continuing Commitment to Help Real Estate Agents Dominate Their Market

As mentioned earlier, Adwerx was built on the foundation of helping real estate agents generate widespread awareness and win listings by providing a simple, targeted solution. We will continue to focus on this in 2018, helping more agents become savvy in the digital space with three brilliantly simple solutions:

  1. Ads for your Sphere of Influence. 60% of your business comes from your sphere. Win more referrals from this network without even asking, and stay top-of-mind by running a targeted digital ad campaign to everyone on your contact list.
  2. Ads by Zip Code with Retargeting. Digital ads by Zip code will help you break into established markets by putting your ad in front of people who are thinking about buying or selling in the areas where you want to work, allowing you to generate awareness and prospects where it matters most.
  3. Ads for Listings. Today’s sellers have a lot of expectations of their real estate agents. It’s important to them to know that their agent is working hard to sell their home quickly and at the right price.  Even more, two-thirds of sellers are asking for digital marketing, so  it’s important to be prepared.  Including a digital ad in your listing presentation that will show the seller’s home to people browsing for real estate within 15 miles of the listing will delight your sellers and prove that you will work hard to get their home sold.

As we dive into 2018 we are committed to continuing to innovate and develop new and improved technologies for brokers and agents alike. We have a roadmap full of exciting features and surprises in store. Check back here often for more exciting updates.

Lookout 2018. We’re coming for ya.

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