Look for Jed Carlson at Worthshop 6 in Oahu!

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Did you see something that mentioned Worthshop?

Then you’ve witnessed first hand the power of targeted digital advertising.

Jed Carlson Worthshop 6 Oahu

And guess what…. this is what Adwerx does for real estate agents, loan officers and insurance agents everyday.

Adwerx CEO Jed Carlson will take the stage at Worthshop 6 in Oahu. (Tough assignment, huh?) He’ll be part of the “Try and Tell” series, where he gets five minutes to wow everyone. And he will. Because Jed has a message: it’s digital or nothing. Because today, we spend more than half our waking hours connected to a digital device. HALF OUR WAKING HOURS. While we weep for our children, that means that business needs to be in the digital space.

And that’s happening. Digital ad spend overtook TV ad spend this year. And it’s never going back. But the majority of the players in digital are still the big players — the juggernauts with massive budgets and headcount.

Where does that leave real estate agents? Loan officers? Insurance agents?

Over 50% of very small businesses like these folks spend less than 20% of their budget on digital. That means most of them are barely in digital at all. Is that a strategy? Is that a way to compete?

Join Jed and find out how Adwerx is out to level that playing field. We’ve taken something ridiculously complicated and expensive and made it both simple and affordable.

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