Landing pages: sweat the details

The Landing Page: Sweat the Details

In the first lesson, we used the analogy of targeting shoppers with billboards for your store while they’re on the way to the mall to explain awareness marketing. Chances are, that shopper is going to choose your store over a competitor’s. Once that person comes to you, it is your job to convince them to convert from a interested party to a dedicated client.

This is where your destination page comes in. Leading consumers to a poorly configured website or destination page is like leading shoppers to a shoe store with no shoes. We’ve included some very helpful resources on properly optimizing your landing pages, but if you’re too busy to really dive in right now, we’ve summed up the important details below.
When a potential client clicks on your ad, it’s imperative that you take them to a destination page with relevant, useful information. Be sure you include:

  • Content tailored to their needs, such as neighborhood information, move-in tips, mortgage rates, etc.
  • An “About me” that sets you apart from other local agents
  • Easily accessible contact information
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This “closing” part of the marketing funnel is critical. Research shows that you have just a few seconds of someone’s attention once they reach your ad’s destination page. In most cases, you have just one chance to convince them that you are the agent that provides the best service.

Other ideas for creating a sticky landing page include:

  • Adding video to show off your personality, professionalism, and tech savvy
  • Optimizing your page for mobile to capture consumers that are always on the go
  • A clean, simple, but attractive layout

Making these changes to your destination page will eliminate distractions and keep these potential clients focused on what’s important: contacting you.

Do you want to learn more? Check out our suggested reading, and then head on over to our next lesson: The Marketing Secrets of Rich Agents!

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