WEBINAR: Beyond the blog! Content marketing for real estate with Katie Lance

Content for Real Estate: Build Your Brand, Your Audience and Your Business with Adwerx and Katie Lance from Katie Lance on Vimeo.

Katie Lance and Adwerx teamed up to present an info-packed webinar to help real estate agents understand what content marketing is and how it can help them build their brand and their business.

In order to understand what something is, sometimes it’s helpful to start by pointing out what it is NOT.

Katie Lance Content marketing for real estate is NOT:

  • Advertising
  • Rented content
  • Posting on Facebook

We included that last one even though Facebook is a critical part of a content marketing strategy. Content marketing includes Facebook posts, Tweets, Snaps, Instagram, and most of all, blog posts.

Rather, content marketing is a mindful, purposeful and larger strategy. Content marketing is how you, as a real estate agent, can:

Educate.  Share your expertise. Be of value to your prospects and past clients.

Engage. Tell stories and be conversations. Assert your humanity. Help prospective buyers and sellers recognize themselves in your content and feel like you’re sitting together, having coffee.

Acquire. Convert prospects into clients who have gotten to know you and trust you through your content efforts.

Keep. Stay top of mind with folks you’ve worked with. Create evangelists who still engage with your content even after they’ve done business with you.

Your clients have problems that need to be solved 24/7/365. An always-on content strategy is how you nurture an audience. And best of all, content helps save you media dollars because it helps amplify everything else you are doing. Sending a postcard? Write a blog post, too! Running digital ads! Retargeting means people are 10x more likely to do a branded Google search about you after they see your ad following them around. Give them something to find with valuable, consistent content about you and real estate.

Retargeting and content marketing with adwerx
Digital ads + retargeting = your prospects go looking for YOU!

Here’s what you need to get started with Katie Lance content marketing for real estate:

  1. Somewhere you can easily post content. Probably a blog. WordPress, Blogger, Placester, Medium, and Weebly are some of the platforms you can use.
  2. Distribution of your content. This is how you get the word out and help people find your content.
  3. Measurement. Use tools to know what is working.
  4. Commitment. Content marketing isn’t a short term effort. Be prepared to go the distance!

If you can, listen the whole hour as Katie and Adwerx cover SEO, measurement tools, blog topic inspiration and more.

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