Insights from Inman Connect: The Evolving Real Estate Industry [Video]

New technology. New collaboration strategies. These are just two of the forces of change shaping today’s market for real estate agents. And leaders in real estate including Laurie Weston Davis, Mark Spain, Kelly Mitchell, Brad Inman and Craig Rowe shared their thoughts with us at Inman Connect this past September.

First comes the uber-informed consumer.

“Consumers are coming in more educated than our agents,” said Jeff Lobb of SparkTank Media, thinking about the proliferation of real estate data that is now accessible to all, not just agents.

At the same time, technology is changing the way agents relate to and communicate with clients. “The first listing appointment is no longer when you actually walk into somebody’s house,” noted Andrea Geller. “It’s what they’re seeing for you online.”

And this feeds the need for new work strategies. Agents are independent, but not isolated. “Nobody gets to succeed alone,” shared Chris Scott of The Paperless Agent.

Watch the video to hear their full thoughts on the evolving industry.


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  • reply Jim & Jeri LaMarca Avila Beach News ,

    Great message… being ahead of the curve or trying to keep up with it is a challenge. I don’t think of us as travel agencies…but more of financial & future planning. If we are available for the consumer, for a service and advice for their future and goals, I feel we will be around for a while longer. We enjoy what we do as Real Estate Brokers and earning the trust in our clients is rewarding. Have fun, be passionate & enjoy… Jim & Jeri LaMarca living on the California Central Coast…

    • reply ,

      We agree that providing advice and service for consumers will build trust and they’ll want to keep working with you. Great insight!

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