Inman Insights: Marketing for real estate [VIDEO]

At Inman Connect, Adwerx sat down with some of real estate’s top thinkers to talk about advice for new agents, the changing real estate industry and, now, marketing for real estate. In this last installment, we kept hearing a similar theme: it’s not just about one piece. It’s an entire conversation.

“Marketing is more accessible to a smaller business or individual agent than it was,” said Nicole Beauchamp. You can do more with less money. But agents still need to adapt their own processes to having an informed consumer who has access to much of the same listing data as agents do.

Relationships are critical, but so is your online footprint. If your site doesn’t look clean and well maintained, home sellers are going to go elsewhere.

“Next year my whole focus is to change from digital marketing to visual marketing,” said Jeff Lobb. And Brad Inman had three words for agents about marketing: “Authentic, genuine, believable.”

Watch the video to get the whole story. Thanks also to Stephanie Pfeffer Anton, Jeremy Lehman, Chris Scott and Andrea Geller for their participation and words of wisdom!

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