How We Landed On the Inc. 5000 List 4 Years In a Row

Today, we’re celebrating. We’re celebrating because we landed on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 YEARS IN A ROW! It’s a feat only 1 in 13 companies have accomplished, and we’re pretty excited about it. Here’s what our CEO, Jed Carlson had to say:

“Receiving this award for the fourth year in a row is a true testament to our team’s passion and dedication, and an honor achieved by only 13% of the companies that even make the list at all. We have an amazing collection of top talent that supports our company every day, and I am both humbled and proud to lead this group of hard-working, innovative individuals.”

As a team, we have great chemistry. We cooperate, communicate, and trust each other. We provide support to each other during difficult times and celebrate as loudly as possible when we innovate and accomplish goals. 

This enables us to perform at a higher level collectively than we would individually. This is because our culture fosters confidence, as a team and as individuals.  We’re willing to work hard for each other towards our common goals. We know we can ask each other for help. We hold each other accountable, and we try to be the reason our coworker is smiling.

In essence, we care more about the success of the company than the success of ourselves as individuals because at the end of the day, good chemistry is dependent on having good people. Ask anyone why they enjoy working at Adwerx, and most of us will tell you the same thing: we love the people. We want to come to work because we enjoy working with our team, and we win when we help our customers become better marketers.

So you want to know how to land on the Inc. 5000? Here are some tips we have on how you can make sure your team has great chemistry:

Celebrate Successes

It’s important to start with clearly defined goals and objectives, and prioritize collective success over individual success. When individuals perform well, of course this should be recognized, but you should also recognize when individuals are making the company better overall. Take a moment to pause, soak it in and celebrate these achievements together.

Celebrating our 3rd year on Inc. 5000 in 2019

Coordinate Off-Field Activities

Getting to know your teammates on a personal level helps you build a better working relationship. Sharing meals, playing games, and volunteering together are all great chances for everyone to come together and celebrate, bond, and relax. During COVID-19, we’ve started virtual group activities, happy hours, and water cooler chats to maintain our relationships.

Brad from Customer Success leading our first virtual group team building activity — teaching us how to cook the perfect steak!

Designate Strong Leaders

There is only so much a CEO can do to ensure everyone is working well together. Our department leaders are actually a part of their team, and will roll up their sleeves to chat with customers, hop on a sales call, take a look at our site infrastructure, or do whatever else needs to be done to help the group. This gives our leadership team the insight to solve problems in a different way and can help bring everyone together during a difficult time.

Maintain a Culture of Respect

Every single person needs to feel that they are safe, welcome, and valued. Without maintaining this culture, everything else deteriorates. Everyone should have access to the same opportunities at work, but recognize that everyone is different and respect how those differences contribute to your team.

Be Positive & Have Fun

Nobody wants to deal with a toxic work environment for 40 hours a week. Always provide positive encouragement and recognize contributions. Culture starts from the top. So if you celebrate your wins and maintain a positive outlook, your team will start cheering each other on, as well. If you allow negative energy from one person, discomfort and anger spreads and ruins the vibe for everyone. For easy ways to celebrate each other, we have a #shoutouts Slack channel for shouting out everyday wins and assists from teammates.

Celebrating our hard work with some play time.

It is challenging to maintain culture during tremendous growth like we’ve experienced. We spend a lot of time making sure we hire and retain the right people – people we know will help protect our culture. When you have 114 people working together towards a common mission, that’s how you continue growing. Today we’re celebrating, and tomorrow we’ll keep pushing because when we work together there are no limits to what we can achieve. In the words of our CEO Jed Carlson, “never underestimate the power of a team.”

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