How to win your next luxury listing with Adwerx Streaming TV

Streaming TV viewership has skyrocketed in 2020, which more eyes on screens than ever before thanks to stay at home orders and remote work.

But what does that mean for you and your business? With Adwerx’s Streaming TV Commercial service, you can easily launch TV campaigns on the most powerful advertising medium. Custom commercials air on premium streaming TV services like Roku, SlingTV, the ESPN App, Hulu, and more. Plus, customers can get a TV commercial up and running in less than 5 minutes, and for as little as $399/month, all-in.

Now you’re wondering – so what’s this about luxury listings?

Use your TV campaign to differentiate yourself from other agents in your market.

To win your next luxury listing using streaming TV consider these ideas:

1.) Pitch it to prospective sellers to win their listing. Imagine walking into your next listing presentation and telling the seller that you’ll promote their property all across Streaming TV. See how one Adwerx customer did it here.

2.) Use it after you’ve won the listing as an up-sell to negotiate a higher commission. Let your sellers know the value you’re bringing to the table as you put their property in front of a hyper-targeted area using a widely viewed medium.

Simply upload your pre-made commercial, select your target areas, and launch your campaign!

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