How to automate Just Listed ads for real estate agents

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Agents want one less thing to do! Listing automation can help.

Steven David Elliot, an extremely busy agent in North Carolina, has a process. Everytime he lists a property, he implements a checklist to market the home. And digital ads are part of his list.

“I tell my clients that I can advertise their homes on major sites like the Wall Street Journal and ESPN, as well as on Facebook. They love seeing their own home advertised as they browse the web.”

But there’s a small problem: not enough time.

“Getting a house ready to list is no easy task,” he said. “I’d love the idea of automating my digital ads to take one more thing off my list!”

Who can help agents like Steven to automate? Brokers!

Already, many brokers have internal marketing centers with Just Listed/Just Sold postcards and newspaper ads. But very few have automated their digital tools as well. And digital is critical. 90% of home shoppers are researching online. And over 50% of our waking hours are spent on some kind of screen.

What’s more, today’s home buyers and sellers want digital as part of their real estate shopping experience.

“I make a promise to each of my sellers how I will market their home, while explaining how effective digital ads are and how they work,” said Coldwell Banker agent Brent Allen. “Digital ads are an essential part of the process. While it may be one more item on a long list of marketing activities I need to do, I never discount how important it is.  

And if my broker could help me automate this process, I know it would be a win-win for everyone.”

Automation can help brokers recruit and retain top agents

Forward thinking brokerages are looking for new ways to differentiate, enticing top producers to join their ranks. So what do real estate agents like Steven and Brent look for when selecting a brokerage?

“Services and support from my brokerage are a key component,” shared Brent.

Stephanie Pfeffer Anton, Executive Vice President, Luxury Portfolio International – ‎Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, saw the value in providing listing ads from Adwerx to her agents.

“Adwerx has made it easy for us, our brokers and our agents. Agents can connect to Adwerx and see a co-branded ad, in our approved Luxury Portfolio template, and featuring their brokers brand,” she shared.  

“It’s all integrated with their listings and all they need to do is add their personal information. It’s a win, win for everyone.”

Taking that integration a step further is the future of marketing automation for real estate. And it’s a race to see which real estate brokers will integrate first.

Learn how to automate listings for your agents

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