Get 319% More Ad Clicks (Than Average) in Two Easy Steps

Andrea Geller, a broker associate for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Chicago, Ill., recently saw nearly 13,000 views and more than 30 clicks on a digital real estate ad she ran using Adwerx.

That’s 319 percent MORE clicks than the industry average! Her digital ads – targeting Chicago-area consumers – were placed on sites like and as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Andrea Geller Coldwell Banker Adwerx

So, what’s her secret and how can you achieve the same out-of-this-world results with your own Adwerx digital ads?

Earlier this year, Andrea began working with Adwerx and had them design a standard agent advertisement which included her headshot, tagline, and link to her blog. They were performing well, but she knew she could do better.

When Andrea saw in the Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Facebook group that the annual Home Listing Report (HLR) was coming up, she thought this would be the perfect opportunity to switch up her ads with something new. Using data from the report she showcased how local markets compared in the price of a 4 bed/2 bath home.  She wrote a blog post in 10 minutes, included a photo she found on the CB Exchange photo library and set up a revamped Adwerx campaign.

And voila! Her digital ads began performing significantly better almost overnight. She was getting more bang for her buck simply by tying an already existing national Coldwell Banker campaign to her local market and using a fresh image.

Here are Andrea’s tips for creating successful digital ads for real estate:

  • Andrea Geller digital ads for real estate coldwell banker

    Create Quick and Simple Content: Producing content can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Andrea’s blog post on HLR was short, sweet and to-the-point. She grabbed an HLR-themed photo and she was done. The process took only a few minutes.

  • Find the Perfect Image: One major factor in Andrea’s successful ad campaign was the image. Rather than use her same agent headshot, she switched it up and used a photo of a modern kitchen with text overlay announcing HLR. The result: her views and click-through rates skyrocketed. Find images with a wow factor in the CB Exchange image library (search: “Image library” on
  • Connect With Your Audience: Andrea knew her audience would be interested in HLR because it would be fun for them to see where their market stacked up on the list. She encourages you to use national Coldwell Banker campaigns that will speak to your audience and make them want to learn more after seeing your ad.
  • Used These Connections for Business:  By showcasing local knowledge, Andrea instantly put herself in front of those interested in real estate.  She then responded to those who shared, commented and clicked through setting up potential for new clients.
  • Use Adwerx: Adwerx is simple and easy-to-use. You can expand your reach by zip code or mile radius and your digital ads appear on top-tier websites and social media to the audience you chose.

Thanks to Andrea and Coldwell Banker for sharing their article with us!

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