WEBINAR: List like a digital rockstar!

New digital real estate tools help you position and promote your properties

There are standard actions that agents take to market their real estate listings. But what can do you do stand out, both in your seller presentations and to buyers looking at your real estate listings?

The folks at Adwerx and Houselens teamed up to walk through new digital tools that help you with both activities. It’s more than just taking pictures. It’s having a visual marketing strategy, from taking the right photos to building the right landing page for the property to driving traffic to that page and engaging your seller.

Did you know that strong visual marketing content can help cut down on listing time and on those looky-loos that come to the open house or ask to see the listing just because they’re curious?

Visitors spend an average of four and half minutes on a Houselens real estate listings page. And using professional photographers can help free you to focus on the work you need to do as a real estate agent.

Here’s what you’ll find in this 60 minute, information-packed presentation:

  • Why visual marketing matters and how to do it right.
  • Unique ways to promote and host open houses.
  • New ideas to make your listing stand out.
  • How to tie it all together with a digital strategy.

Attendees to the webinar got to download some handouts, but we’ve included them here so you don’t miss out.

Photography Checklist

Use this handy list to make sure your photo shoot goes smoothly and shows your listing at its best.

Digital listing flyer

Bring to your next presentation to demonstrate your digital savviness.

Houselens flyer

Add this flyer as well to show your visual marketing strategy to potential sellers.

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