How to Approach Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Social media has us all better connected than any other point in human history. Our mobile devices keep us linked into a world of images, text, and stories that span the globe. Clearly, this is a tool ripe for use by real estate professionals who depend on name recognition and brand building.

While social media marketing may seem like an easy path to success, there are some important limitations to bear in mind. Let’s go over a few.

Social Media and Real Estate Tips to Consider

Here are some basics of how real estate professionals should use social media.

  • Social Media, like Real Estate, is Image Oriented. Just as your paper listings and ads should contain great visuals, so should your social media marketing. Think of it as digital curb appeal; let’s make your listingsand your brandreflect excellence.
  • This Means Video Content, Too. Gone are the days when video content and tours were for high-end listings only. It’s fairly simple to present your brand and your listings via video. While you’ll want to invest in quality video production, it’ll pay off in the long run.
  • Social Network Trends Come and Go. The social media world is evolving quickly, and you’ll need to work hard to stay abreast of the many changes and ensure that your social media marketing is meeting the right audience, via the right social network. It’s a lot of effort, but you need to keep your social media strategy up to date.

None of this should scare you away from social media, but you should recognize its inclination to evolve and the associated challenges. Social media pro,  Guy Kawasaki, states“I can name other factors that may be more powerful. Economic conditions, mental state because of economic conditions, good listings, low interest rates, providing good service, achieving good word of mouth without social media."

So, if social media is just one tool in the the box, how should you handle your digital marketing efforts? Learn more about social media marketing solutions for real estate professionals. At Adwerx, we’re in your corner. Check out our blog here.


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