Why Retargeting and Remarketing Aren't The Same

Retargeting and remarketing each involve selling yourself to people who have already shown some interest in what you have to offer. That being said, there are some pretty significant differences between the two.

What makes Retargeting Different From Remarketing?


This involves using cookies, and not the kind you may pop in the oven at an open house. When people visit your website, a cookie is deployed to their computers. When they leave to visit other websites, your ad will track them and reappear again and again. Retargeting allows your ad to be visible on thousands of different web pages.

Furthermore, retargeting can also be used to target individuals who search for things related to your industry or visit websites similar to your own. People searching for “tips for first-time homebuyers” or researching moving companies can be targeted by real estate agents as their web behavior indicates they may be interested in buying or selling a property.


This approach is essentially email-based and refers to the practice of emailing customers and prospects immediately after a visit to your website or a purchase of a related product or service. According to Rejoiner, "A study conducted at MIT shows significantly lower engagement rate for outreach that occurs more than one hour after a visitor has left your site. The data indicates that your chances of re-engaging a lead drop by as much as 10 times, if you follow up more than an hour after your first interaction with a potential customer."

Retargeting and remarketing are both strategies that can be highly valuable to online marketing campaigns. Think yours could use some help? At Adwerx, we offer solutions for all of your online marketing needs. Check us out today and get started on your online marketing campaign.


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