Retargeting Behavioral Targeting: An Introduction

Retargeting Behavioral Targeting (also sometimes referred to as “behavioral search retargeting” or just “retargeting”—which are properly related but distinct concepts) is a way of capturing and retaining the attention of a potential customer after he or she has viewed your website or other related sites. When implemented properly, by a firm specializing in your industry, it is a powerful tool for any marketing plan.

It works on a fairly simple collection of principles. By visiting a site, the visitor has expressed a need or interest. Retargeting uses the website visit—or the search ad or search string that led to the visit—as a means of targeting the user for future ads after he or she has left the original site. In layman’s terms: after viewing a particular site, the visitor will then see ads for your business on other, unconnected sites. The goal of this repeated exposure is to turn a potential prospect into a happy customer.

This is an especially powerful marketing solution for real estate agents and firms. In real estate, so much depends on name recognition, and retargeting behavioral targeting is a great way to achieve that. It works across social media, can be localized to target your particular market, and allows you to put your message in front of the right audience, over and over again.

Setting up a retargeting behavioral targeting system is extremely technical; however, you’re here to sell real estate, not follow search engine algorithms. For your digital marketing needs, invest in an expert who knows your brand.

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