Retargeting Advertising: Google Pros and Cons

Retargeting advertising is a digital strategy used to keep your ads in front of prospective customers as they move around the Internet. Google is one of many companies who offer retargeting technology but its service is specific for customers with a Google AdWords account. For real estate agents who use pay-per-click advertising, there are pros and cons for adding Google retargeted advertising to their account.

Pros and Cons: Retargeting Advertising with Google

Google is the top search engine, capturing 68 percent of all searches done online. It makes sense then to consider their platform when exploring the benefits of retargeting. Real estate agents definitely want to use free tools like Google Maps to increase online visibility and improve their standing in search returns.


  1. Google gives you free access to create and manage your own digital campaigns. With an AdWords account, you can set up pay per click (PPC) ads and monitor the results.
  2. The quality score of your content is worth just as much as your bid when it comes to ad placement. And information on current bids is provided for clarity.
  3. You can create custom retargeting lists that target your ads to specific groups. For example, someone who went to the Contact Us page on your website but didn't call or fill out the form can be retargeted with the same page.


  1. You're on your own. Campaign structure and ad placement strategies aren't as simple as using a keyword tool. If you're not knowledgeable of PPC, you can waste time or money on ads that don't get seen by the right people or even not seen at all.
  2. Google doesn't include Facebook ads in it's digital retargeting. That's a big loss. Facebook scores highest in social media platforms, with over 137 million page views per month.
  3. If you hunt for the cost of Google retargeting services, it's hard to find a concrete answer.

In addition to cost considerations, the other issue is time. Creating campaigns to promote each listing with the proper parameters and duration is precious time taken away from selling properties.

At Adwerx, all you have to do is paste a link to your listing into a box on our website. For as little as $7.00 a day in weekly increments, we'll handle the rest.  

Give this video a look to hear results from actual real estate agents. Then call 1-888-746-5687 to get started.

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