How Real Estate Agents Use Retargeting: Creating Brand Awareness

Even with great talent, achieving sales success for real estate agents is a numbers game. Even the best agents need a steady stream of buyers and sellers.

Did you know that 98 percent of the people who visit your website never convert into clients? The solution: digital retargeting technology.

Advanced online advertising tools help increase client conversions fast, simply, and affordably. Successful agents know sellers often hire the first agent they talk to. Brand awareness is how you stay top of mind when that moment strikes.

Find Prospects, Promote Your Name and Your Brand, and Close the Deal

At Adwerx, we create brand awareness online for real estate agents and their partnering firms by:

  • Using targeting technology to identify strong local client prospects
  • Helping them easily customize their ads
  • Making sure their digital display ads are seen by prospects at a better price than they expect

We understand how busy real estate agents are on a day-to-day basis. Consider Adwerx to help you stay top of mind.

Retargeting: Stand Out with the Top Online Advertising Tools

Digital marketing solutions, such as retargeting, highlight your listing ads and agent ads, Develop your digital yard sign so your ads go to the right place, the right people, at the right time. Proactive web marketing keeps your name and your firm’s name top of mind.

Retargeting is:

  • Innovative
  • Direct
  • Reliable

Realtor Magazine wrote about tailoring and targeting ads to convert clients to your real estate brand.

Humans are creatures of habit,” the writer, Michael Russer, states. “And, when there is something we’re interested in, we tend to notice things that relate to that item more readily.”  

Research shows that 70 percent of prospective clients hire the first agent they interview. At Adwerx, we’re in your corner. We’re approachable, and we’re here to coach you and bring your brand to home buyers’ attention through retargeting. The best way to utilize retargeting and create brand awareness is to let an expert—who knows your brand—do it for you. Then, you do what you do best: make the sale.

It’s high-tech and heavy lifting online. Redirecting technology that helps create brand awareness serves as a roadmap for finding buyers and sellers anywhere they go. Remarketing also highlights exactly why these visitors and home buyers should hire you.


Learn how it works, then get ready for more calls.

Dig deeper into how retargeting and creating brand awareness will bring visitors back—and how this technology will work for your real estate business. Don’t waste time wondering if buyers and sellers will find you.


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