Defining a Retargeting Strategy for Your Real Estate Business

The definition of a remarketing or retargeting strategy is fairly simple. It’s a method of online marketing that allows advertising to reach Internet users based on sites they’ve visited previously., this can be a powerful tool for real estate salesif employed correctly.

Now that we’ve got the basic idea, let’s dig a little further and talk about the role a remarketing strategy plays in real estate. Let’s imagine a potential home buyer, searching online for a house. She wants a three bedroom, two bath home of around 1500 square feet. She visits your site, takes a look at a few listings, and moves on.

Now, a few years ago, that might have been the end of her journey. With a remarketing strategy, as she moves to unrelated websites, your ads continue to appear in front of her, suggesting listings along the lines of what she was looking for. In a business like real estate, where name recognition means so much, this is a very powerful tool.

Remarketing and Digital Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

With innovate remarketing, audience-identification techniques, and a dedication to personal service, Adwerx is proud to offer real solutions to real estate professionals.


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