Real Estate Staging Courses: Crucial to Success

Many real estate agents fall into the trap of thinking experience alone will teach them everything they need to know about how to stage a property for a showing or open house. While experience is a fantastic teacher, there are real estate staging courses that can save you time and wasted effort while getting that property ready to present. In these courses, you typically learn not just how to stage a property, but also how to develop a criteria for making each property stand out from the rest.

What An Accredited Real Estate Staging Course Typically Provides:

Whether it’s an online virtual webinar or an in-person class, an accredited real estate staging course can teach you specific techniques and skills essential to the home staging process. These include:

  • Building step-by-step guides so every property is set apart from the market
  • Learning steps on how to stage a room so you can use every square foot to your advantage
  • Developing staging guidelines that follow business best-practices
  • Knowing how to choose a detailed staging criteria so you can judge if a property is ready to sell
  • And plenty of other helpful resources to make your property presentation unique and appealing.

The Real Estate Staging Association is one such organization that offers a variety of online staging courses to prepare your properties for success.

What’s the Advantage of Online Versus In-Person Courses?

Some course models will be more appealing than others due to time constraints, cost, and availability.  Ultimately, each should show off the business practices that will help make a piece of real estate more appealing to the buyer and stand out in the marketplace. These include:

  • How to stage proper lighting
  • Using decoration and furniture to bring life to a property
  • Developing and using a method that works

One of the advantages of online webinars is that it allows your agents to get the training they need on their own time. Especially in a world that’s become so reliant on mobile marketing and online presentation, it’s important to focus on what brings those properties to life virtually.

After going through any accredited real estate staging course, the next step is to find a marketing firm that knows what sells. At AdWerx, we have a proven record of helping real estate firms like Keller Williams bring their recipe for success to the marketplace through online retargeting, mobile advertising, and more. See how we can complement your real estate staging efforts.


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