Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies

Search engine optimization and digital marketing for real estate companies have enhanced the online shopping experience for consumers while increasing website traffic and leads for retailers and other businesses. The technology has paid off on both sides of the coin and one of the biggest beneficiaries has been the real estate industry. 

There are five steps every real estate agent should take to form an efficient plan for their search engine optimization. 

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors®, 90% of people use the Internet to shop for houses. But it's not just "homes for sale" that people are typing into Google. When people relocate, web searches spring up for things like moving companies, home inspections and surveys, school districts, demographic research and so much more.

And all of those internet searches leave big opportunities for search engine optimization, or SEO.

An SEO Plan | Digital Marketing for Real Estate Companies

SEO strategies vary across the board but five simple truths hold true when optimizing for real estate prospects.

First, localize...

People hunt for homes in specific areas and that's reflected in their search behavior. If they want to move to Springfield, their search will likely contain the word "Springfield."

Fill out your web content with mentions of phrases such as "homes for sale in Springfield" and "Springfield real estate." Do it for every town and neighborhood in which you list.

...then take it a step further.

Now build out each localized page to include content specific to that area. For example, the page with your Springfield listings might include blog posts about the Top 10 Reasons to Live in Springfield or an overview of the local attractions.

Now let your readers take a step.

People are using smartphones to browse home listings on the go and Google's 2015 algorithm update rewards websites that are mobile friendly. Optimizing your site for mobile devices can springboard your SEO metrics.

Talk to them...

When done right, social media channels can make an impact on your search engine rankings while allowing you to engage with prospects on a personal basis. Here are six ways you can use social media to boost your SEO presence.

...and finally, follow them.

Don't just cast out SEO content and wait for prospects to come to you. You have to be aggressive in order to succeed in real estate and that requires a proactive approach to your SEO. Deploying a retargeting campaign will put your SEO attack on the offensive by bringing those searchers back for more.

Follow these digital marketing best practices and your real estate website will be optimized for search engines — and success.

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