Real Estate Advertising Ideas for Print to Put Into Practice Today

Online media is the overwhelming choice for house hunters these days—to the tune of nearly 90 percent of the market. However, with up to 25 percent of homebuyers reporting using print media, real estate print advertising still plays an important role. To get the best use out of print advertising for your real estate needs, it helps to bear a few things in mind.

Creative Tips for Print Real Estate Advertising Ideas 

  • Understand the numbers. Why are real estate agents using print ads? The answer is in the numbers. As we’ve noted, somewhere around 25 percent of home buyers used newspaper ads. Fifteen percent used a home book or magazine, while 5 percent relied on a billboard, and a whopping 51 percent relied on a yard sign. While online media may reign supreme, print is still an important tool.
  • Understand the role of print advertising for real estate. Why are real estate agents still using print ads? Tony Marsella, former vice president of classified marketing for the Newspaper Association of America, breaks it down: “The goal is not to sell that particular house as much as it is to make someone contact you. When prospective buyers call, they may not really know whether or not they are qualified for that particular house. But getting them to call in response to a particular ad gives the real estate salesperson the opportunity to act as a consultant and direct the prospects to houses that meet their needs and price ranges.”
  • Target your audience effectively. This is where knowing your market comes into play. Maybe you live in an area with a really vibrant local or regional newspaper. Understanding which print media are most effectively reaching your audience will help you invest successfully.
  • Include a call to action. As Mr. Marsella notes above, often the goal of real estate print advertising is to get the reader to make contact, rather than sell a particular property. Every ad should give the reader a means to contact you, and a motivation for doing so.
  • Use contacts to track your results. You know to know if your print advertising is effective. Make sure you can identify where a particular contact came from, so you know how well your message is reaching your audience. That way, you can adjust your print advertising plan accordingly.

In an online world, print is still a viable advertising solution for many real estate agents. While the Internet may reign supreme, don’t neglect these top print real estate advertising ideas.


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