Words and Phrases for Real Estate Advertising

Real estate, like most professions, has its own language. It’s important to use this language effectively, particularly when writing advertising and marketing materials aimed at potential clients. Let’s take a look at a list of keywords and phrases for real estate advertising that you can use when writing ads to get a positive result.

The Power of Words and Emotive Phrasing for Real Estate Agents

The basic principle is pretty simple: phrase things using positive language whenever possible. Whether in your slogan, call-to-action phrases, or individual house ads, consider how positivity can draw people to your company. A house isn’t small; it’s cozy. It’s not old; it’s historic. With that in mind, take a look at a short list of words and phrases that get results:

  • ___ living at its finest
  • immaculate home in the heart of ___  
  • in a desirable neighborhood
  • in an established neighborhood
  • in an up-and-coming neighborhood
  • in walking distance to ___
  • includes all appliances
  • a beautiful remodel
  • a gardener's dream
  • a gourmet, eat-in kitchen
  • a great family home with updated feature
  • freshly painted
  • furnished
  • gated
  • historic
  • historical
  • household
  • huge
  • immaculate
  • sophisticated
  • southern
  • spacious
  • split-level
  • spotless
  • stately
  • storied
  • storybook
  • striking

More key words abound, but this is a short list designed to get you started by giving you some idea of how this works. Once you get a feel for it, you’ll produce great ads.

But once you’ve written the ad, how do you get it in front of the client? Relax, we can tell you a bit about that, too.

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