Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Real Estate Agents

Pay-per-click advertising in real estate targets online users who are searching for information about buying or selling a property. Your pay-per-click ads only display when the keywords you’ve chosen are typed into Google. You control how much you spend and can localize your ads. Pay-per-click advertising, particularly in real estate, can mean a big boost for your business.

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

PPC is an online advertising tool for targeting people who are prospective customers.

  • Your ad is associated with purchased keywords, e.g., “Buy house Raleigh, NC.”
  • When someone types those words into Google, they trigger the display of your ad.
  • When someone clicks on the link in your ad, you pay the search engine an agreed upon fee.

You don’t pay if they don’t click. You set a limit for your budget and once your budget is reached, the ads no longer display.

Since you’re not the only real estate agent using PPC, those keywords are in demand. The amount you are willing to pay per click is your bid in an auction for the display of your ad.  

The ads will either show up on top of the search returns or in a column on the right. Since there are limits to the number of ads that can be displayed, a bid that is too low won’t show up at all.

Importance of Placement

The goal is for your ad to be among the top two positions in the search returns. Here’s why:

  • On a smartphone, an ad in the right-hand column is pushed to the very bottom of the page. As of 2014, 50 percent of home buyers are using a mobile phone in their online home search.
  • The top spots come with perks. Google “Macy’s” and see how they own the page. Only the top two spots can display internal links, maps, and so on with their ads.


Retargeting is a digital strategy used by Adwerx to bring visitors back to your website.

Less than 15 percent of people engage on their first visit to a website. So, we help you chase down the other 85 percent by making sure your ads follow them around the Internet.


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