Real Estate Marketing: 6 Tools for Success

It took a good many tools to build the house. Likewise, it will take a full set of tools for you to now market that piece of real estate.

The right kind of marketing tools can be the difference between a real estate agent selling or sitting on a property. They say a house sells itself, but that's only true if people know about it in the first place. Here are six of the best marketing tools for real estate agents.

6 of the Best Real Estate Marketing Tools

  1. YouTube. In 2012, a real estate agent named Josh Altman had this video produced and uploaded it to YouTube. It's funny, creative, catchy and a bit ridiculous. It also garnered over one million views and put Altman's name all over social media.
  2. Google AdWords. It's no secret that people use Google to search for properties. When used properly, AdWords can be a terrific marketing tool.
  3. Social Media. If you're not using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to market yourself and your listings, you're missing the boat. Yahoo Small Business Advisor gives you everything you need to know about using social media for real estate marketing.
  4. Postcards. While they certainly don't offer the high-tech appeal of social media, postcards are a timeless marketing tool that still works in the digital age. Here's how to use postcards to your advantage.
  5. Retargeting. Ever looked at a product online one day only to have an advertisement for the same or similar product surface on another website the next day? That's retargeting, and it's a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents.
  6. Blogs. Maintaining a blog, even just one new post per week, can boost your credibility and build trust with your audience. And when optimized for SEO, it can also increase traffic to your site.

There are plenty of other marketing tools for real estate agents at your disposal. Choose wisely — and use wisely — and the house will sell itself.


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