10 Steps to an Effective Real Estate Marketing Plan Template

Just as with the homes you sell, you can't build your real estate marketing brand without a plan. You need a vision for your advertising efforts in order to identify your target audience, allocate your resources and budget, and set measurable goals for your campaign.

A complete real estate marketing plan template will include 10 basic sections:

  1. Executive summary. A comprehensive summary of the entire plan, covering all the main points in as few words as possible.
  2. Mission statement. What is your business philosophy and value? Who do you serve and how? What sets you apart?
  3. Market analysis. This is an overview of current real estate trends and how they'll affect you.
  4. Competitive analysis. Ask yourself who your direct competition is and how they are marketing themselves.
  5. SWOT analysis. Strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats. What are they?
  6. Goals and impact. Set both short and long term goals with clear objectives and then consider the impact those achievements would make on your business and personal life.
  7. Product definition. What services do you provide and why should anyone do business with you?
  8. Marketing strategies and schedule. How will you get the attention of your customers? What types of channels will you use to relay your message?
  9. Budget. How much do you plan to spend on your marketing efforts?
  10. Evaluation and control. Monitor your results, consider what you can learn from them and refine your approach.

Just as there are 10 things an effective real estate marketing plan template should include, there are also 10 reasons why they fail.

You Have a Real Estate Marketing Plan Template. What's Next?

With a marketing plan in place for your real estate business, you may consider soliciting help in implementing it. A real estate marketing company like Adwerx can put your plan into action. See how we've helped so many customers execute their marketing plans and how we can do it for you, too.

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