Do You Need a Real Estate Marketing Company?

What's the value of a real estate marketing company? A good marketing company helps real estate agents grow their businesses by reaching more customers. Real estate agents network well within their communities, so most don't need a company for that. A good real estate marketing company takes on tasks that you may not have time or skill to initiate.

What to Look for in a Real Estate Marketing Company?

No doubt you get a lot of attention from real estate marketing firms. If you find yourself getting irritated at how they approach you, you've discovered the first criteria for choosing one.

  • Effective marketing isn't annoying. If you don't like having your inbox slammed, it may irritate potential customers, too.

Complement, Not Control

No doubt you already do a lot of marketing in your community. Don't let anyone minimize those activities. A good marketing firm will supplement what you're already doing, not discourage you from doing it.

  • Figure out what you need help with, e.g., copywriting, graphic design, mobile website, awareness marketing. Be very clear about getting a quote for those services before you consider anything else.

Don't Be Intimidated

Digital marketing is a valued service that can help agents. But if you're meeting with an agency that's more interested in tech talk than real estateyou might want to move on.  

  • Tossing around jargon isn't helpful. You're the prospective customer. A real estate marketing company needs to understand what you donot the other way around.

Build a Brand

There are 2 million licensed real estate agents in the United States. If you are going to hire a marketing firm, they need to help you stand out of the crowd. For example, at Adwerx, we let you own your zip code by targeting your digital advertising to prospective customers in that locale.

Actual real estate agents love the idea. It's easy to understand, simple to execute, and the results are documented. We send reports, but your friends and family will be letting you know they saw you online.

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