Real Estate Logos for Growing Businesses

More than likely, one of the first things any potential homebuyers will see in their search is real estate logos, be it on a print ad, business card, or website. This is your chance to make a first impression—your only chance—so let’s make it a great one. Real estate is a visually oriented field, heavily focused on the appearance of things. By keeping that and a few other basic ideas in mind, you’ll be on route for a successful, beautiful logo.

In deciding on a logo, make sure to consider the following:

  • Your Business, Its Personality, and Yours. This is a piece of art that represents you and your business. What message do you want to send? The answer will depend on how you see yourself and your company, but it’s important to choose something suited to you.
  • The Area in Which You Do Business. Just like you have a personality, so does your area of operations. A beach town feels different than a crowded city, and both are different than a mountain resort town. Choose art that fits the vibe of your location. Iit helps consumer appeal.
  • Invest in Original Art. As we’ve said, your logo is a piece of art that represents you, so make sure it is unique and of high quality. Virtually every city or town has a good graphic designer nearby. Find a designer you trust and make the investment.
  • Match Your Other Marketing Materials. Your website, print materials, yard signs—they all need to jibe with the look and feel of your logo.The logo is a long-term investment; tailor everything else to it.
  • Take Mobile Devices into Account. Just like with your website and other online media, you should remember that mobile devices are an increasingly popular means of access. Design for the small screen, too.
  • Show it off! You’ve gone to the trouble to find the perfect design for you and your business. Make sure it’s visible on your business card, advertising materials, and everything else. It’s important to build your brand.

At AdWerx, we know your logo is an important part of building your brand, but there’s a lot more that has to happen—particularly online. We know that’s a lot to handle. Consider hiring a digital marketing company to enhance your overall marketing efforts.

Make the Most of Your Online Presence

Adopt the following approach to digital marketing to acquire all the ingredients you need for successat every stage of your firm’s evolution:

  • Promote Your Listings. Invest in a marketing company that will deliver an ad blitz for your listings, targeted at local buyers identified by their online activity and at a broader national audience across the entire web.
  • Promote Your Brand. Customized ads delivered across the web, social media, and mobile apps will uncover potential clients no matter where they are.
  • Recruit New Agents. Identify the talent you need, follow them across the Web, and show them what you can do.

In a challenging market, real estate agents need to take full advantage of the digital tools available to stay ahead.

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