Digital Real Estate Marketing Services

Digital real estate marketing services need to be more about real estate than technology. Digital marketing is a tool, but how it's applied is what makes it successful. The real estate industry has many unique challenges and a company that understands your business model is the digital marketing firm you need.

Digital Real Estate Marketing Services for Agents

The business model for real estate is competitive, time-stamped, and localized. Real estate agents are competing for the same buyers in the same community. A digital marketing service should take this competition into account. Don't be intimidated by tech talk—look for real estate language.

First Questions to Ask

  1. Have you worked with real estate agents before? Ask them to describe specific services for real estate.
  2. How do you measure the success of your services? Can they demonstrate how to use digital marketing in real estate?
  3. Do you have to sign a contract or make a commitment? Be sure you're in control of the details.

Digital vs. Human

Seventy-five percent of a real estate agent's business comes from customer referrals. Any digital marketing service provider that tries to imply you only need online marketing doesn't know your business. Digital marketing should supplement offline marketing.

Localized Targets

At Adwerx, we help real estate agents claim their zip codes.

An agent creates his or her own digital ad, using the simple online ad builder, and picks the zip code(s) to target. The agent's digital advertising is randomly displayed to people within that area as those users move around the Internet.

And it's yours: no one else can pay to use that zip code while you've got it under contract.


Don't spend more money than you can afford on digital marketing real estate services. Your marketing budget comes from your income; get a return on your investment. You can try out our services at Adwerx and promote a listing for as little as $7.00 a day per week.

More than Leads

Anybody (and everybody) can buy leads. Real estate digital marketing services should help you build brand awareness to sell more homes.



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