New Real Estate Agents' Business Plan Template

As a new real estate agent, you're searching for that perfect template to help you close on the best deals in the best neighborhoods.

The template for success may in fact reside with your business plan. We'll show you how to create a winning new real estate agent business plan today. 

Where to Get a Real Estate Agent Business Plan

Bplans provides an extensive collection of business plans catered specifically to real estate management, brokers, home inspectors, websites, startups, commercial property agents and more. They even have templates customized for niches such as horse boarding real estate and houseboat rentals.

What Exactly is a New Real Estate Agents' Business Plan?

The National Association of Realtors® defines a business plan as "a written document fully describing and analyzing a particular business; it provides complete, detailed information about short- and long-term business plans."

It then goes on to describe all the different components of an effective business plan, providing a template for your vision. A business plan is essentially a blueprint for every detail of your proposed business.

Purpose of a Plan

A business plan is not just something to help you get a loan. As the Houston Chronicle details, business plans clarify direction, provide a vision for the future, attract employees and much more.

Tips for Writing a Great Plan

Forbes outlines some tips for filling out your template with a solid business plan. Among them are:

  • Eliminating fluff
  • Being realistic
  • Showing conservatism
  • Using visuals
  • Creativity

Business Plan Resources

When devising a template for your real estate business plan, consider the advice of those who have already found success. Virginia Munden has been selling homes for 20 years and offers a unique look at building out a plan and marketing a business.

BiggerPockets details how to create a real estate business plan and covers everything from assembling a team to partnerships to entity structuring.

If you think outsourcing your business plan may be better than doing it yourself, CayenneConsulting is one of many companies that can work with you to devise your business plan for you.

Perhaps even more helpful than a business plan template is seeing a completed real estate business plan. This can help to see what others have done and provide you with a visual. Entrepreneur published a sample of a real estate business plan that can serve as a great template for your own.

Creating a real estate agent business plan may just be the template for real estate success.

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