Real Estate Articles

Writing real estate articles can be a great way to show prospective customers you know what they need. When someone searches a topic online, he or she is looking for answers. If you’re the one who provides answers, you gain instant credibility. Writing real estate articles connects you to customersas if you were to meet face to face.

How to Write Real Estate Articles

Here’s our top ten list of tips for writing real estate articles that help you build a personal brand online. Once you choose a topice.g., Staging Homes that Sellthat becomes your article title.

10. The first sentence is the hardest. Don’t be intimidated by an empty page. Type the name of your topic and add a quick punch to it that will draw readers in. Example: There are many secrets to staging homes that sell.

9. Readers have limited attention spanskeep it short and to the point. Online real estate articles should be no more than 400 words.

8. Think of your article as a conversation. Imagine a client asking you how to stage homes that sell, then write down how you would answer.

7. Your real estate articles should drive more interested buyers to your website. Here’s a beginners guide on how to write content that search engines will find and prioritize.

6. Spell check is your friend. (Enough said.)

5. Write for your reader. Don’t try to be fancy with big words or industry jargon. Our Adwerx blog explains digital marketing to real estate agents. You won’t find tons of tech talk, just tips on getting real estate results.

4. Search engines find words. Your web article or blog post should always display the name of your article as part of the web address. As an example, here’s the URL for one of our posts:

3. Share, share, share. The more places you post your real estate articles online, the better. Share a link on Twitter, post on Google+, and LinkedIn.

2. Use a Gravataran online head shot that follows you online.

1. Make sure your article includes your name, location, phone number, and a link to your website.

Write real estate articles that answer real questions prospective home buyers have. Not only will they appreciate the informationthey have a way to connect with the real estate agent who provided it.


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