Real Estate Agent Success

Real estate agent success, however you define it,  is about making more money. It’s true most agents love setting their own schedules and having the flexibility to spend time with their families. Helping their neighbors and participating in their communities are important, too. But unless you’re independently wealthy, the paycheck determines the success of a real estate agent.

Secrets to Real Estate Agent Success

If you’re interested in making more money as a real estate agent, take a look at how much time and effort you are willing to put in to achieve your goal. Income is definitely an indicator of a successful real estate agent.

So how do you make more money?  

  1. Plant seeds, build relationships.
  2. Keep your focus on closing sales.
  3. Attract more local people interested in buying and/or selling.

Company You Keep

When you work for a real estate agency, you may feel like an employee of the company. But you’re not, you’re an independent business owner responsible for your own success.

In fact, data from the National Association of Realtors shows that 86 percent of clients choose an agency because that’s where a specific real estate agent works.

Secret 1: Choose your agency carefully and if you find yourself spending more time keeping their office open than building your brandmove on.

Be a Taker

Do you rush into networking events with your business cards at the ready? Slow down. It’s not the cards you give, it’s the cards you get. Being interested in other people goes a long way toward building relationships.

Taking time to listen is a much overlooked skill. If every conversation you have is a pitch for your business, you can easily come off the wrong way. When you’re all you talk about, people wonder if their best interests are even on your radar.

Secret 2:  Real estate agent success isn’t instantaneous. Relationships are built on thoughtful interactions with the people you meet. Show them you want success for them as much as for yourself.

Know What You Don’t Know

Real estate agents are trained professionals in the art of buying and selling homes. But nowadays, technology is a huge part of marketing your business. Don’t know a tweet from a blog? Get someone who does.

Pursue experts in digital marketing for real estate agents and make sure those individuals share your goals: sell more properties. We know that’s what real estate agent success means.

Secret 3: Focus your attention on what you doselling properties. For digital marketing, chose professionals who know your business, know the Internet and will drive more home buyers to you.


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