The Rights and Wrongs of Real Estate Agent Branding

When a home listing is promoted, all the most attractive features are highlighted. The same should hold true when promoting a real estate agent's brand. Proper branding is important for any real estate agent because the thing you are selling is not actually the home itself. It's you.

There are some right ways for a real estate agent to brand themselves and plenty of wrong ways. We'll take a look at both to ensure that when people view your brand, they're seeing crown molding and updated appliances.

Real Estate Agent Branding Done Right

Here are three keys to strengthening your real estate brand.

  • Carve out a nicheThe jack-of-all-trade approach rarely produces success in real estate. Discover your specialty — upscale houses? Condominiums? Multi-family homes? Find your target audience — first-time homebuyers? Large families? Finally, set down some roots by localizing your brand for your territory.
    Put yourself out thereDon't be passive with your branding efforts. Utilizing retargeting technology takes a proactive approach to putting your face in front of potential prospects. Don't just sit back and wait for them to come to your brand. Send your brand after them.
  • Become an expertAcquire knowledge about your market—and share it. Blog about the growth projections of a particular part of town. Host a webinar about the steps a first-time homebuyer should take. People want a brand they can trust.

Branding Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make

As tricky as it can be to polish your brand, it's that much easier to put a big scratch in it. Here are some common branding mistakes made by real estate agents.

  • Being a bullyIf you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Putting down a competitor in an effort to build yourself up gives off a negative vibe for your brand.
    Being anti-socialDon't be that neighbor that never waves hello to anyone else on the street. Engage with people on social media and respond to inquiries with a personal touch, not with automated email messages.
  • Being a replicaSimply replicating someone else's successful brand will set you up to be a replicate. Develop an original, unique brand. Strive to be the one everyone else wants to copy.

A house sells itself, but a real estate agent's brand needs a little TLC to close the deal.

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