Optimizing Real Estate Business Through Search Engines

The real estate properties you sell don't move, but that doesn't mean your online advertising shouldn't either.

In such a crowded marketplace—around 75 percent of all real estate advertising is done online—how can you garner attention for your ad?

It all depends on how and where you distribute that ad. With Adwerx, your online real estate advertisement will go wherever your target audience does.

Real Estate Advertising Wherever You Go Online

We use retargeting technology to tail your prospects around the web. Here's how it works:

  1. Someone conducts an online search within your territory for anything related to moving. They could be looking for homes for sale, moving companies or demographics of neighborhoods. Once they've done so, we've identified them as a potential client for you.

  2. Your real estate ad—designed with the help of our team and localized for your territory—is then deployed by our technology to follow that person around the web. When they go to the New York Times to read up on the news, they'll see your ad. When they go to Yahoo to check their email, your ad will be there. YouTube to watch a funny cat video? Your ad.

Adwerx allows real estate agents to advertise outside of the traditional realms. Prospects will not have to be on a real estate site looking at homes to see your ad. We also allow you to be the very first to reach a particular audience — those that have shown browsing behavior indicating a move but have not jumped into looking at properties just yet.

You can use Adwerx to advertise property listings, promote yourself or recruit new agents. We'll provide you with daily reports updating you of your campaign impact to validate your efforts and plot your next move.

Take your online real estate advertising to your prospects. Take it to Adwerx. Watch this short video to see how we can put your online ads in front of the eyes that matter.

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