Choosing Real Estate Public Relations and Branding Solutions

In order to get your real estate company out there, strategic marketing and smart branding must take place. The buyer community will seek out properties in the market, but there’s no reason to just wait and cross your fingers for a sale. Your buyer audiencebe it local, regional, or internationalwill want to know what kind of real estate properties you are marketing and selling.

PR for Real Estate Professionals

Before tapping into real estate public relations, you need to make the decision on whether or not you’d like to pursue and build this department up yourself, or hire a PR company. Many real estate investors will hire a publicist to take care of the public relations work that needs to be done, so theyas sellerscan focus on other necessary tasks, such as renovations, tax and accounting, and more.

Public relations in real estate is especially helpful if you are aiming for some of the following:

  • Having a consistent reputation as an expert
  • News and press releases in various media outlets (online and offline)
  • Event sponsorship and charity involvements

Whether you hire someone or work on the public relations yourself, it is important to have a branding strategy beforehand. Determining a logo, certain colors, and styles is a good start for your branding. Consistent marketing, even in just the design, will help build a connection with your buyers. When you know what you want to show your audience, then it is time to dive into the public relations aspect of your real estate venture.

With real estate public relations, one of the first steps you want to take is deciding what media outlets you want to include in your PR plan. These decisions should be made and based primarily on your audience and their locations. If you are appealing to a local area, then you want to contact the newspaper or local news channel in that town or city.

Getting mentioned or quoted in a media outlet will build credibility and show that you have value within the community. Even online news websites can generate a bigger clientele base, particularly if it is a highly trafficked website, pertaining to a specific industry.

Like your buyers, don’t wait for publishers and reporters to come to youyou should reach out to them! Sell yourself on how you are an excellent source for real estate, and how it would benefit the media outlet and the community. Even if there’s no immediate response, stay in touch and show your value. Persistence will show that you have a lot to offer.

Keeping an online presence is crucial in this technological age. Maintain a mobile-friendly website that represents your branding, and always keep things updated, especially with the searchability and SEO. Blog entries and videos will keep content fresh and show your viewers that you are always active in your real estate. Look into other digital  advertising options, such as Adwerx for real estate, and bring your buyers to your real estate portfolio.

The Power Behind Your PR

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