A Marketing Plan: Commercial Real Estate

A marketing plan for commercial real estate has the same goal as any real estate marketing plan: make the sale! Commercial listings have different buyers and different selling points, even different tools for listings. You can increase your income potential, but there’s more to navigate when you’re building your marketing plan for commercial real estate.

Marketing for Commercial Real Estate

A commercial real estate sale is normally more complicated, with more people involved in the decision-making process. A good marketing plan for commercial real estate will incorporate a multi-step strategy over time to keep the listing fresh in the minds of prospective buyers.


  1. Talk with other agents who are selling commercial real estate.
  2. Find a commercial real estate appraiser and learn the process.
  3. Make sure you are up-to-date on zoning lawscommercial real estate can be complicated depending on the area.
  4. Learn, learn, learn. Not just about commercial real estate, but how to promote your listings.

Marketing Budget

You will need a larger budget to market commercial propertiesso be prepared. Know how much you can spend and make sure you plan how to spend it over the course of your schedule.

Marketing Schedule

If you’re just starting out, establishing yourself as a commercial real estate agent takes time. Build your marketing plan out over three months.

New Tools

Did you know the MLS isn’t where customers look for commercial real estate? There are all kinds of new sites that provide listings and properties specific to commercial customers.

Commercial real estate customers are likely to be busy professionals. We can’t stress it enoughyour digital materials need to display properly on a smartphone.

Marketing Materials

Print materials play an important role in commercial real estate. Signage and brochures (glossy) need professional quality photographs and copy. If they look cheap, the property does, too.

Digital marketing needs to be configured to match the customer.

  • LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals. Use it to publicize your listing.
  • Make sure your property shows up on Google Maps.

Target your ads to popular mobile apps. Keep them coming back to your property listing. Retarget your ads to make sure the property is repeatedly in front of prospective buyers.


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