Marketing Luxury Real Estate: Online Advertising

High-end real estate is not the same as selling a starter home. Depending on your current customer base, marketing luxury properties will require new strategies for attracting and engaging prospective clients. But when you can successfully market luxury real estate, you're building a personal brand that attracts million dollar sales. Find real estate online advertising tips below.

Real Estate Online Advertising Tips for Marketing Luxury Homes

Now you may not actually know a millionaire, but you can introduce yourself and your services to them online with the right real estate online advertising technique. Digital advertising is a way to open the door, giving you the opportunity to build that one on one relationship.

Incorporate Luxury Properties into Your Personal Brand

To market high-end real estate, your digital strategy should be realigned to engage your new clientele. First, take a look at your website and landing pages. Are luxury properties clearly identified as part of your personal brand? Is there a specific page to market luxury real estate? Make the necessary changes to your site and be sure the pictures and content make your new visitors feel welcome, and confident in your knowledge of their lifestyle.

Find the Right Retargeting Strategy 

Adwerx retargeting strategy is particularly helpful when you're trying to build a new clientele and expand your sales potential.

Retargeting means that when someone views a page on your website, such as your new Luxury Real Estate page. We make sure your ads follow them as they move around the internet. Your name, your face, the link to your business slowly starts to become familiar as your ads continue to display. You're a real estate agent, not a marketing specialist, but with working with us, you'll look like a digital guru.

Driving traffic to your site creates an opportunity, so make the most of it. Give luxury real estate customers a specialized place to go. Provide multiple options for contacting you so they can choose which works best for them. Do some research — for example, did you know wealthy women actually invest a higher percentage of their portfolios in real estate than men?

Leave the real estate online advertising techniques to the experts. Adwerx brings "big brand" marketing to real estate agents

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