Marketing to Money: Luxury Real Estate Sales

Luxury real estate sales could have a nice impact on your income. But like any other real estate sale, you need to market the home to the right people. Luxury buyers are discerning, most are professionals, some are investors. They will be busy, mobile, and used to deference. Luxury real estate sales represent the ultimate in customer service.

Working with Wealth: Luxury Real Estate Sales

Selling luxury properties requires confidence. When you're selling homes worth millions, you can't be intimidated. Wealthy buyers want to operate in their own circle, so be sure you're confident talking in multiple zeros.  

Use these tips to help sell luxury properties.

Price the Home Properly

Don't assume that a wealthy buyer doesn't care about money or pad the price for "negotiating purposes." These buyers will do their due diligence and they have lots of options. Do a comparative price analysis.

Skip the Open House  

Less than 2 percent of sales actually originate from an open house. In the case of luxury listings, you never, ever want to show the house in a public forum.

Landing Pages

Your website should have a landing page for luxury real estate sales and only display properties that meet the criteria.  Do your research. The price of a luxury home varies by market.

Prioritize Video

Pictures are good, but video is better. Keep them shortunder three minutesand make sure they will display on mobile devices. Instagram has a new free app called Hyperlapse that does wonders for video walk-throughs.

Retarget Potential Customers

Especially when you're building your brand, prospective clients will need to see you more than once. Retargeting is a digital marketing strategy that we use at Adwerx to keep your ads in front of people as they move around the Internet. Use our online ad builder to create an ad specific to luxury buyers.

Your success in luxury real estate sales depends on your confidence, marketing strategy, and consistently delivering on what you've promised.


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