Real Estate Ads: How to Retarget on Facebook

Real estate agents can learn how to retarget on Facebook. Retargeting is simply a way to continue displaying your ads to specific people as they move around online.  On Facebook, the way to set up retargeting is by using the Custom Audience tool. Retargeting on Facebook lets you leverage the value of your contacts in your digital ads.

Facebook How To: Retargeting Real Estate Ads

Online visitors to your website or Facebook page rarely engage on the first visit. But they wouldn't have dropped by if they didn't have interest. When you set up retargeting, the visitors you designate will continue to see your ads.

Step 1:

Go to the Facebook Ad Manager. You can create your ad there. Use the column on the left to set an objective for your ad so you can measure your success.

TIP: Video in your ads can really improve the engagement with your prospective customers.

Step 2:

Facebook offers a you an ad guide where you can choose how you want your ads displayed.

TIP: Over half of a BILLION people only use Facebook on their phone. Mobile users are only growing. Make sure you target your ads toward mobile devices.

Step 3:

Decide on the custom audience you will retarget:

  • Facebook fans: This is extremely simple, and if you have a lot of fans, it can really help build your brand. But if the majority of your fans have already purchased a house, think strategically about the content of your ad. What do you want them to do?
  • Visitors to your website: Retargeting website visitors must be thought out. Choose a specific listing or people who went to your Contact Us page. A tiny bit of code is deposited (a cookie) that helps your ads to show up wherever they go online.
  • Email contacts: You can upload contact lists (with an email address or phone number) to target people who filled out a form on your website, clicked to call you or subscribed to your blog. They will start seeing your ads everywhere.

TIP:  Retarget recent home buyers to encourage referrals. Retarget visitors to your website who checked out listings but didn't commit.

Retargeting doesn't have to be limited to Facebook. At Adwerx, we help real estate agents own their zipcode. Local people in that area will begin seeing your ads everywhere online.

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